Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative-Stay at Home Challenge

I decided that I don't have enough to do with my days while job hunting, taking care of the cats, and other assorted projects I have going, I am going to do the Stay at Home Challenge. The SAHC is for those of us that are not going to the big Houston International Quilt Show. I am not able to go this year so I thought I should make a quilty to donate. We make the quilts size range of 4x6" up to 9x12" so that it fits into a Priority mail envelope from the USPS. To learn more go to: The quilts will be auctioned & the money goes to Alzheimer's research. A very worthy cause & one I hope we find a cure for.

About my quilt: I bought the Kemshall's latest book, The Painted Quilt, and was inspired to give some of the techniques a try. I am making a larger study for myself with 4 pears in a row but made this little one to try out the quilting & threads. I like it so much I am going to use it for my Priority quilt. It's not finished but I wanted to post my progress so far. It needs a border or wide binding. Once it's done I will post again but enjoy for now.

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