Friday, September 12, 2008

Annie's Heart

Here is an embroidery piece I call Annie's Heart. My dear friend Annie had her feelings hurt & her heart broken by some very insensitive people. My reaction, like many of her friends, was to come to her aid & let her know we love her & she is perfectly fine the way she is. This is my interpretation of that. The flowers represent all her friends & the plethora of animals she has that all love her. The red stitching is the blood that flows through the heart making sure it doesn't become cold as ice. The green is new growth of love & friendships.
I decided to add a border frame of Hoffman's commercial hand dye in Raspberry. I think it pulls the colors together nicely, don't you think? Echo quilting to come.
Here it is finished, 8.5" x 11". I echo quilted in Caron's Impressions 50/50% Silk/Wool in raspberry & lime, also used DMC Crewel Wool in dark lime & raspberry. The binding is satin stitch in Superior's King Tut thread in Black. It's a wonderful black that almost looks like velvet. I am really pleased with this piece & can't wait for Annie to get it. That will not be until sometime in October. Others are making journal pieces for Annie as well. I just hope she doesn't read my blog!!!


Edzellinni said...

oooh, that is just exquisite. I can see the heart two other ways too: as a hanging pendant and in multiples embroidered on a garment, like on a hemline or right in the middle of a shirt. well, maybe that's 'cause I spent so many years in the clothing biz and make jewelry when i am not art quilting. Annie will adore it. I know I do.

pcoxdesign said...

I hope that Annie didn't read your blog!! I will have to fly out and smack you!! Ha-ha.

As usual, Excellent work My Dear!!!

HockeyKitten said...

Thank you both. I waited a while before posting this after giving the announcement about my blog. I am hoping she didn't sign up for updates or the surprise is ruined. Pea, I can't wait for you to see it in person, the colors are better.

Art4Sol said...

I'm sure Annie will love this heart....very beautiful work.